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What our Clinics have to say

"I chose Lipo Light for my day spa because it is simple to use, the therapists do not require any special training and the inch loss results were simply stunning.

I have now had my machine for 15 weeks and generated £10,004 of income. In fact I generated enough profit to pay for the machine in just 9 weeks.

I started first by marketing to my existing day spa customers using the materials and marketing information supplied by Lipo Light. This was extremely cost effective. I followed this on by carrying out external marketing, as directed by Lipo Light and this too has generated many customers. In fact many of these customers have now become regular customers of the day spa so it has been very beneficial all round.

I can honestly recommend Lipo Light as an excellent addition to any beauty business both for the income it generates and the results it gets customers with their inch loss."

Julia, Owner, The Orchid Rooms Beauty Spa and Therapy Clinic


"Hello my name is Angie and I own a health and fitness club for women only. I had a small spare room in the club and was looking for ways to generate extra income. I became aware of the growing demand for non-invasive lipo and I thought this would be an excellent compliment to my club.

I spent a great deal of time searching the market and the different types of machines available. I chose Lipo-Light because, in my opinion, it is the best value machine on the market.

My members and new clients have been delighted with the results and I have been delighted with the additional income. I have been able to average between £1,000 and £2,000 per month additional income from a small room in the club, with very little effort."

Angie Rose, Club Manager, Energie fitness for women. Havant


"I use a room at my home to deliver Lipo Light to my clients. In the first five weeks since buying the machine I have made an income of just over £3000 and this has taken only a total of 30 hours in this five week period. This is a completely new business so I had no existing clients. All my clients have come from the leaflets and newspaper adverts that were supplied to me by Lipo Light.

Not only am I delighted with the financial results of my Lipo Light my clients are delighted with their inch loss. The best result so far is Emma, she lost 9 cms in her first treatment alone. I never thought I could be my own boss for such a low cost and big gain. It’s great fun and very rewarding."

Jeanette, Owner, Advanced-Health